Top 10 Stinkiest Dog Breeds You Need To Know


Trimming Your Dachshund’s Nails

Trimming your dachshund’s nails does not have to be scary. With a little knowledge and patience, it is not as hard as you think.

Protecting Your Animal From Summer Heat

Being fully aware about the summer risks for your animals can make a big difference for an incident free season. If you have taken all the appropriate precautions to protect animal against the summer heat, there will be endless freedom for everyone to enjoy the long sunny days.

Housebreaking Your New Puppy

Puppy Love There are few things in the world cuter than a wriggly little puppy. Their furry little faces, big eyes, and waggling tails make puppies irresistible.

Is Surgery For Dogs Safe?

Surgery for dogs is a booming trade. Some of it is necessary, but much of it isn’t. It is also very costly, and beyond the means of many people, leaving them frustrated and feeling guilty. But there are alternatives that don’t require you to take out a second mortgage on your house.

Pet Boots and Shoes

Pet boots and shoes can be helpful for dogs in extreme weather situations. They can also be helpful for older dogs who need traction in order to walk better.

How to Potty Train an Older Dog You’ve Adopted

In many ways potty training an older dog you’ve adopted is much like potty training a puppy but there can be some important differences. Puppies are mostly a blank slate. Their mother cleans up after them for the first three weeks or so, while they are nursing. Once they start eating solid foods, the breeder cleans up. They may potty on newspapers or other material provided, but they haven’t been trained.

Canine Eyes

“An animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language”, Martin Buber. Not all people love dogs or not even close to liking them. But some change their minds after some close encounters with the canine kinds.

Is It Safe to Kiss Your Dog on the Mouth?

This is a very polarizing question. Hundreds of thousands of people “kiss” their dogs every day and an equal number of animal lovers are completely against it. Meanwhile, the great debate rages on. “To kiss or not to kiss – that is the question.”

Orthopedic Surgery for Dogs

Just as humans who suffer bone fractures and other trauma may require orthopedic surgery, pets may also need surgery to correct these problems. Indeed, orthopedic surgery for dogs is becoming a much more common practice, as veterinarians and specialized surgeons work to repair and set broken bones. There are a wide range of orthopedic surgeries associated with different injuries in dogs, so while it is difficult to give you a comprehensive overview, this article will discuss the basic aspects of surgery and rehab for your dog.

Sarcoptic Mange: It Can Affect ANY Dog!

Mange is a common problem among dogs, but many pet owners believe that mange is related only to dirty or neglected dogs, such as those in shelters or on the streets. The truth is that even your pampered, well cared for pet, can get mange. Luckily the mites that cause mange (sarcoptic mites) can be safely and easily eliminated.

Why It May Take a Dog Treadmill To Help An Overweight Dog Lose Weight

Do you have a dog who needs to get in shape or lose some weight? Don’t despair if your efforts at proper diet and exercise have not been getting you the results they need. You may just need some reinforcements in the exercise department, such as a dog treadmill which makes it easier to set a faster pace and get longer periods of exercise. Read on for more information on why a dog treadmill may be a life saver for your pet.

Pet Safety in the Car or Truck

No one likes to leave their pet at home alone, so naturally taking them with us is common place these days. However, we must be very cautious when allowing them to ride freely in our car or truck. To keep both you and your pet safe while on the road, follow these tips:

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