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Can Dogs Eat Badgers?

Terriers in general seem to think it’s their raison d’etre to go hunting, and the Border Terrier in particular is a breed of terrier often known as a hunting dog bred to work. They originated in the borders between Scotland and England and their wiry coat certainly keeps them warm for that climate. Find out about what happened when they went hunting a badger…

What Is the Best Way to Discipline My Dog?

Disciplining bad behavior is not near as effective as rewarding good behavior. Understanding a dog’s “pack mentality ” will make your dogs unwanted behavior disappear easily and quickly.

Closer Look – Electronic Training Collars

Things have changed. Dramatically. During the Flower Power decade there was just one big setting. It was not remote controlled. Plugged into the socket it could blast a hell of a lot of electricity into a dog’s neck.

The Creation of a Pointing Dog

Back in ancient times, owners took the no-frills approach. Using a check-cord the trainer would guide the canine, teaching the animal how to find and fetch downed prey. In some cases, like the BC vase staining above, that mutt took it upon itself to become a solo act in taking something out of service. Nowadays, a check-cord can be DIY’d but you’re advised to go pro and get this training device from a commercial source.

Why You Need to Buy a Dog From an Established Breeder

Buying a canine from a reputable breeder has many advantages as opposed to not buying from one. An established breeder will not only give you good information and how-to’s on taking care of your dog, but will also be there for you when you need to ask important questions about your pet, even years after you have bought your doggy.

Human Medications That Will Poison Your Dog

As one man’s meat is another man’s poison, human medicine can kill your dog. The following information may save your dog’s life.

Wireless Pet Containment System – The Comprehensive Way for Containing Your Pet!

This article focuses on the best solution for containing your dog. The wireless pet containment system is the ultimate electric fence for dogs. With its unique wireless capabilities and countless benefits it’s the best solution for keeping your dog from wandering off…

How To Introduce A New Dog To Your Old One

When you visit one of the many shelters in the country it is difficult not to want to adopt a dog. This can be a dilemma especially if you already have a four legged friend waiting for you when you get home. You never know if both of them will get along or even if it is a good idea.

Top Tips For Dog Care As Recommended By Experts

Dogs have very different personalities. To help you achieve a more enjoyable and more fulfilling life experience with your dog, seek out the appropriate kind of training for your dog.

Does Your Canine Have “Dog Separation Disorder or Anxiety”?

These problems usually mean that your dog just hasn’t been taught or trained properly around the house. A perfect example is when you get a new dog; they simply don’t know the rules of your household. However, some cases are more serious as they will become depressed and sad as with ‘Dog Separation Anxiety or Disorder’.

Creating a Daily Brushing Regimen for Your Dog

Whether you’ve recently adopted a dog or you’ve had one for years, you undoubtedly have bought everything from a pet bed to toys to brushes and everything in between. These products provide happy and healthy experiences, but one crucial aspect of dog caretaking is the oral care of your dog and the direct relation to their health.

Winter Checklist to Keep Your Pup Warm and Snuggly

There aren’t many seasons that can provide more fun than the winter months for a pet owner. As many pet owners know, most dogs love to play in freshly packed snow. But ensuring your canine stays clean during this time of year can prove to be hard work. Below are a few important tips to keep in mind to guarantee your best friends remains healthy and looking their best.

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