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What to Know in Case of a Dog Attack

Dog bite attacks can be horrible and traumatic. Learning how to avoid one can literally save a life.

What to Look for in a Good Dog Groomer?

Everyone is fond of keeping pets. Especially, this trend is common in European countries where equal importance is given to pets. Obviously, pet animals are important part of our life yet they cannot communicate to the human beings.

5 Ways Spent Beer Grain Is Used

Reusing spent grains from the brewing process has gained traction in recent times, and brewers have found all sorts of interesting ways to use them. From feeding livestock, to baking bread, to making dog biscuits from beer grain, a plethora of ideas have sprung up and have been put into action.

Why Are There So Many, Pet Food Recalls?

In the last two years, the US Food and Drug Administration issued recall and safety alerts for 76 commercial pet foods and treats. Salmonella risk led the complaints. Why? The issue is complex and likely to continue. Owners need to take control of the quality of their pet’s food.

Choosing the Best Type of Crate For Your Dog – Part 1

In this article, I begin the discussion of how to choose the best type of crate for your dog. Crates can be made out of a variety of materials, but the three main ones are wire, plastic, and wood. Each type of crate serves a different purpose, and the materials used to construct them have different strengths and weaknesses. With this first part, I will explore the many advantages of using a wire crate, especially when a young puppy is involved.

Assume Your Role As Leader of Your Dog’s Pack

Caring for canines requires more than the usual routines of feeding and grooming. You have to step and take the leadership role if you want to manage, control their behavior. Establish yourself as the alpha male of your pack and keep aggression at bay.

Is Kennel Cough Deadly – Here Is a Kennel Cough Remedy!

First, let me assure you that kennel cough is NOT deadly! Okay f-e-e-w-h with that hard tearing at you question out of the way we can focus on a kennel cough home treatment option. I know if it were my animal that had kennel cough I would get all worrisome, after all they’re another member of the family so who wouldn’t go out of their way to comfort and make them feel better?

How to Train Your Dogs Using Collars

Training your dog can be quite daunting especially if you’re a new dog owner. It is no walk in the park, no pun intended, to make your dog obey you immediately after you acquire him and it will take the right attitude as well as the right equipment to make him submit to your will rather than the opposite. Read on to find out what you need to do and be proud to say that you really have a truly, well-behaved dog.

Puppy Training – 5 Critical Development Stages in Puppies

Buying and raising a well balanced puppy. 5 critical development stages in puppies is something everyone getting a new puppy should know.

How To Introduce A New Puppy to an Older Dog

Before you plan on bring your new puppy home try as much as you can to choose a puppy breed that is compatible with the breeds you already have. Bear in mind that any dog in your household considers the house to be his territory and so a new addition must be handled with care.

How to Choose the Best Dog Training Collars

Everybody wants to be able to train their dogs in a way that they can be allowed to be inside the house without worries about the sofa being chewed to bits or your precious ceramic vases breaking into a million pieces. All that is possible with the best training collars so read on to find out how you can get the best ones for Fido.

How To End Your Dog’s Aggressive Behavior

In this article, I will explain why your dog acts aggressively. Also, you will learn exactly what you need to do and the concept that you must understand in order to put an end to this behavior.

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