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Disability Guide 101: How To Get Your Own Service Dog

Service dogs or service animals are in demand today more than ever. These animals help their human handlers to navigate in the real world, and depending on the handler’s disability, these animals are trained to ensure that their human will be able to live a normal life as much as possible.

Golden Retriever Puppy Training – Why, What And How?

Training your Golden Retriever puppy to your own standards is an investment which will bear fruit as your furry friend grows up. Don’t just follow what others say but find your own reasons and goals. After all, your Golden puppy is your dream come true and it is up to you to teach him whatever you need him to know.

5 Things That Will Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy

1. Water. You probably already know that dogs need fresh, clean water at all times. All of us do. But if you want to remove as many toxins as possible from your dog’s water and do everything possible to keep him healthy, think about using a water filter.

4 Things To Do With A Difficult Dog

Puppies are so cute. As soon as you first saw your cute little bundle of fur you know he was the dog for you. He was so adorable. You could imagine him playing with your kids, sleeping at your feet in front of the fire, making life happy and wonderful for the whole family.

Golden Retriever Puppy Training – Do You Want Your Puppy To Learn How To Talk To You?

Early puppy training shapes the life of your Golden Retriever but it also influences if and how he learns to talk to you. When you are at all interested what your Golden is trying to tell you you need to avoid getting down the wrong training track. This article explains why.

Golden Retriever Puppy Training Gone Wrong – A Terrible Story To Learn From

When you take your Golden Retriever Puppy to classes you need to be very careful. This article tells you why. Reading it may save your precious friend from being severely harmed.

Why Does My Dog Like Some Dogs And Not Others?

Dogs are very similar to humans in many ways. One of those ways is how we interact with other people. Have you ever met somebody a immediately say to yourself I don’t really care for her. Will the same thing can happen with your dog. Let’s talk about some of the possible reasons for this.

5 Things To Consider Before Getting A Dog

Before getting a dog there are several things that you should consider. Not everybody should have a dog at this point in their life depending on several situations. I hope these items will get you thinking.

Step-By-Step Instructions on Daily Grooming and Weekly Bathing for a Yorkshire Terrier

Daily grooming and weekly bathing are an essential part of the maintenance ritual for your Yorkshire terrier. We will provide you with step-by step instructions on how to achieve this routine so that your dog can be healthy and become a welcome member of your family.

8 Good Reasons To Train Your Dog

There are a lot of benefits to training. Some reasons benefit your dog, some help you. And some reasons help both of you.

Online Training for Dog Owners and Trainers

Dog owners, trainers and other enthusiasts need to understand a lot about this important animal. There are online training classes for such people. The content of such courses encompasses dog health, diet, breeding and genetics, to name a few topics.

Golden Retriever Puppy – How Do I Find The Right Breeder?

Finding the right breeder for your Golden Retriever puppy can be an quite difficult. This article contains some very helpful tips on what to look for and possible pitfalls. Knowing these will help you avoid future pain and heartache.

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