Top 5 Ways To Make Your KONG More Interesting!

Electric Pet Fencing Can Keep Your Pet Happy, Healthy, and Safe on Your Property

As much as you love your pets, you can’t keep an eye on them 24 hours a day. For indoor/outdoor and outdoor pets, consider installing an electric pet fence to keep your dog or cat from wandering off your property and into harm’s way.

8 Dog Mouth Disorders You Need to Be Aware Of

Whenever people think about dog mouth disorders, they most likely think of gingivitis or just a bad case of doggy breath. However, there are several problems that can occur in your dog’s mouth that you should be aware of.

How to Teach New Tricks to Your Dog

When faced with the challenge of teaching your dog new tricks, you need to employ an interesting formula that will keep you and the dog engaged. This is because for the dog to be able to move the pace, it must be looking towards an incentive.

Introduction to Transforming Your Dog Into a Poised Pooch

Unlock the mysteries of training your dog through practical information and truly get to know your dog.Dogs are one of the most faithful animals on earth and that’s the main reason one can keep them as pets. But when you have opted to keep a dog as a pet, the most important thing you need to do is dog training according to your needs.

What Every Pet Needs

Over years of pet sitting I’ve come to learn that there are several things that any pet needs to be happy, healthy, and have the best life possible. The following is a list of the things that your pet needs whether it be a dog, cat, hamster, rat, chinchilla, bird, reptile, or any other pet.

Uncover the Secret Language of Your Dog’s Bark

To a dog, voice and audio signals are very important. Dogs don’t speak our language and must therefore use other methods to communicate with their humans. A dog’s bark is one of the very few resources that he has to be able to effectively communicate with us.

The Making of a $6,000 Dog Dress

There were two dogs dressed in $6,000 dresses at the recent NYC Pre-Westminster Fashion Show. Here is the story of how one of the dresses was created and why it costs $6,000…

Choosing Among Veterinary Clinics

Finding the right veterinary clinic for the pet is usually a difficult task, because if you’re like the many people, you really aren’t familiar with the distinguishing features of a good clinic. However, since there are few trustworthy Vet Clinics around, some analysis is necessary to ensure that your pet gets the high quality treatment. Here are some pointers to bear in mind while choosing the ideal clinic:

Beneficial Advice To Remember For Buying Dog Whistles

Some of the foremost styles are Herm Sprenger, SportDog and Acme. In terms of price, they can vary from $ 5 to about $ 25 and are not very expensive. They are fundamentally fashioned for obtaining the notice of your dog when they venture away from your vision.

The Proper Way To Think About Dog Aggression – Notes From A Pro Dog Trainer

As a professional dog trainer I’ve specialized over the years in helping people fix dog aggression and working with aggressive dogs. The truth is that most dog trainers won’t deal with this type of behavior problem and those that do are often clueless as to the cause and treatment for dog aggression.

When Is Canine Vomiting and Diarrhea Something Serious?

My dog threw up; is he really sick, or is this just something minor? It is always best to ask your veterinarian this question and let the doctor make the judgment as to if a visit is necessary. Here are some simple at home tests.

Solve Dog Barking Today!

A scientific survey conducted revealed that about 1/3 of dogs bark excessively. For most dog owners, dog barking problems are perhaps the most common that they have to deal with in terms of training their dogs. Why do dogs bark?

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