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Should Fearful Dogs Face Their Fears Head On?

A popular approach to dealing with a fearful situation, is to face it head on and (hopefully) come out stronger for it. But should we be using the same approach with a fearful dog and how will it help? The way we deal with our dogs fears is crucial because if we get it right we will be helping our dogs gain in confidence and live a happier life, but if we get it wrong we risk increasing their fear and making life even scarier for them.

How to Give Your Dog Natural Dog Food

Natural dog food, put simply, is food that you yourself would eat as a part of a healthy diet that you also feed to your dog. Studies have shown that this is the best diet to feed your dog.

Nutrition for Dogs – The Do’s and Don’ts for Optimal Health

Nutrition for dogs is a vital component to the overall health of your dog. There are several do’s and do not’s when it comes to proving for your dog’s dietary needs. Learn them here.

Tips On Choosing A Name For Your Dog

Have fun searching for that unique name for your new dog. Consider these great tips to help you as you embark on your fabulous adventure with your new pet.

How to Treat a Dog Wound – Understanding Proper Wound Care

Dogs get into tousles with other dogs, step or fall on sharp objects, or run into a multitude of wound causing events. Know how to provide wound care and make sure to have Vetericyn Wound Spray on hand for these situations.

Getting Your Dog to Take Pills – Training, Trickery or Disguise

If you have ever had to give your dog a pill, you know it’s not a pleasant or easy task. Should you use force, trickery or disguise with something like Greenies Pill Pockets. Find out!

Why Does My Dog Wag Their Tail? Learn To Speak Dog!

Just because a dog’s tail is wagging, doesn’t necessarily mean what you think. You may be surprised at what they are telling you. To better understand your puppy or dog, it helps to speak Dog.

Why Does My Dog Stick Their Nose There? Learn To Speak Dog!

Let’s face it, anyone who has ever been around puppies or dogs has at one time or another been sniffed…you know…sniffed! There are 220 million reasons why they do it, and here are just a few.

How to Choose the Right Crate for Dog Training

Dog owners who want to train their dog will need to get a crate. A crate is an essential tool when you’re trying to potty train your new puppy. Crates are even good to have around when you’re trying to discourage certain behaviors in your dog.

Dog Arthritis – 5 Treatments to Help Bring Relief

Dogs, they are a joy to have around and keeping them healthy and a part of a family for many years is the goal. However, just as with humans, health complications will arise and you will need to treat them. Amongst some of these complications are dog arthritis and persistent pet joint pains.

Questions About Puppy Training

Dogs and puppy dogs usually are loved by everyone, and having a dog can absolutely perk up your days and nights. However, you must establish a wonderful relationship with your dog, if your dog is all matured, he or she obey as well as be loyal to you and all your family members Dogs instinctively challenge the pack leader whenever they perceive the leader to be losing touch. Your pet dog is a lot less likely to challenge you if you’re perceived as being a strong leader, this will create stability which for you and your dog to breeze through…

4 Ways to Stop Dog Chewing and Defend Your Shoes

Does your dog chew and chew? There are several reasons why dogs chew, and techniques to stop the behavior including distraction, training and products such as Fooey Training Spray.

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