Watch This to Master the Leash! (Live Dog Demonstration)


Can Dogs Commit Suicide?

Many people have pondered whether it is possible for a dog to have the reasoning or rationalization skills to commit suicide. Read this report further to learn more.

My Dog Chews On Everything – What Should I Do?

Dogs chew for a variety of reasons. Understanding why is crucial to stopping this behavior. Read further to learn more.

Learn Why It’s Essential To Take Care Of Your Puppy

Getting a dog at first is such a thrill and wondrous addition to the family, it’s like having Christmas at a different point of the year. However many people think owning a dog is like a walk in the park when in reality there’s a lot more to it than that, there’s a lot of work that must be done to ensure you raise a good dog, a well behaved dog that all people love being around and playing with.

Picking Out a Suitable Dog

One of the most significant decisions that a family pet owner will ever make is what kind of puppy to actually get. There are a lot of points which you really should think about so that you can make your final choice.

One Smart Chihuahua

Is my dog smarter than you? Read the story to find out.

Dogs Love Kids, Kids Love Dogs

I was recently approached by a mother who told me her five year old son was hounding her to get a puppy. (Excuse the pun).She was very reluctant as she had read newspapers and watched the evening TV news story about a child who had been attacked by the family dog.

Alcohol In Dog Dental Sprays, Good or Bad?

Is alcohol in dog dental sprays a good or bad thing? When this question became part of the national conversation for mainstream dog and cat lovers, the truth of the matter became clear… clearly divided that is.

Simple Guidelines in Buying Dog Beds

A more enlightening understanding of the adjective dog-tired will be gleaned by unsuspecting people after they find out that this word has a bit of factual basis as well as a brief history to go along with it. Dogs, at a young age, typically have insurmountable physical energy to help them keep up with their daily activities. The level of physically unflagging activities that canines participate in on a daily basis can even surpass humans at some point. Thus, the enthusiastic but inevitably taxing routine exertions that our furry friends partake in everyday certainly accounts for their lengthy REM cycles usually reaching up to half a day, not surprisingly since researchers have proven that dogs spend about an equal fraction of their lifetimes sleeping.

Tips That Can Help You Train Your Puppy

Many people are always happy when they get a puppy for the family. It is better to get a puppy so that it can get used to the family early.

Are Human Foods Safe for Your Dog?

It can be very difficult to ignore your dog as he lovingly and longingly looks up at you begging you to share your mouth-watering food with him. Many of us can’t resist giving our dog human food now and then, but what foods are actually safe to share with your dog? Of course, you should always check with your veterinarian

What Is Distemper? If Your Dog Has It, Is It a Death Sentence?

Hopefully your dog has already been vaccinated for distemper and you have current shots with your dog. We’ll explain what distemper is, how your dog could contract the disease, signs and symptoms, and what you can do about it.

All About Owning a Poodle

Various people would love to have a pet of their own. They make for really good stress relievers and can shower you with a lot of affection and devotion, especially if it’s of the four legged variety. To be specific, countless individuals would like to have a dog.

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