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The Healthiest Human Foods For Dogs

Though it can appear easy to provide your dog the same food you eat, you should never give them all types of human food. On occasion, giving human food can be safe, but more often than not, they are toxic to dogs.

How To Help Your Child Cope With The Death Of Their Dog

Children will at some point in their lives will face the death of their pets. Learn what to do when this happens and how to teach your child to moarn.

How to Choose the Right Dog Crate for Your Dog

With so many choices available, from soft, portable style dog crates to the more stylish and durable wooden dog crates, deciding which dog crating solution is right for your pet can appear daunting. Here are a few tips to help break it down and help you settle on which options may be your best bet in the dog crating department.

American Kennel Club – Dog Registration Statistics and Trends Review

The American Kennel Club publishes, annually, the Dog Registration Statistics and Trends for both the nation and select city throughout the United States. Great information about the popularity of various breeds as well as some intriguing information and trends to consider. Read on to see where your companion or future companion ranks.

How To Train A Yorkie Puppy The Right Way

Some people make training a dog look harder than it really is, then you have others that do not train their dog simply because they don’t want to. If you are a responsible owner, then you will at least take time to teach your dog the basic commands.

Yorkie Potty Training the Easy Way

Many dogs are rehomed because they potty on the floor, but it does not have to be this way. Yes, having a dog that does their business inside your home can be frustrating and disgusting, but with a little bit of training, your dog will learn how to go outside to potty.

How To Train A Yorkie The Easy Way

Each year, thousands of dogs are placed in a shelter simply because they do not listen to their owner. In order to have a dog that will listen to you and go outside to potty, you will need to train them. In this case, since you have a yorkie, you need to know how to train a yorkie. Training a yorkie can be done the same way you train any other dog. In the paragraphs below, we are going to give you some pointers that will help you train your four-legged best friend.

How To Train Your Kids For Dog Friendly Areas

Many people may bring the entire family to the dog park, which will result in screaming children running around playing with their own dog. Unfortunately, this means that said excited children may try to play with your dog as well. When dealing with untrained children, you may need to provide lessons on how to behave around strange animals before the children lean the hard way.

Working Dogs: The Giant Schnauzer Is A Herder From Germany and Makes a Good Pet For The Family

The Giant Schnauzer is from Germany. It was originally used to herd cattle and pigs. It is a powerful breed but makes a good pet if trained properly. Read this article to learn more about this interesting breed.

The Wonderful Great Dane: A Work Dog That Is The Largest and Best-Natured of All Dog Breeds

The Great Dane was developed in Germany as a hunting dog for wild boar. Its history dates back at least 400 years. In spite of its large size, the Great Dane is really a very gentle dog and makes a wonderful pet. It is know as a gentle giant. Because of its size, however, this dog is also prone to certain health problems.

The Doberman Pinscher: A Loyal Breed, Excellent Work Dog, and Wonderful Companion

The Doberman Pinscher is an excellent breed. It is known for being a watchdog or guard dog. The breed is relatively new and was developed in Germany. The dog is very loyal. It also makes a good family dog, if care is taken around children.

Top Five Breeds of Dogs for Apartment Living

For those dog lovers that can’t see their lives without a dog and are in the midst of apartment life, there is still hope to have a wonderful canine companion to share their time with. There are many breeds of dogs that are considered to be the top breeds for apartment living.

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