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A Large Dog and a New Baby – How to Introduce Dogs to Babies

Ten months ago our new baby boy was born. We have a large dog named Nikita. Introducing these future pals and developing their relationship was an important transition for us, and we learned a few simple tips along the way that could help other families bringing a new baby home to a large breed dog.

Proper Feeding of Pregnant Dogs

Excited about your dog being pregnant? Dog food made especially for your pregnant or lactating pet is manufactured by brands like Hills Science Diet and Advance. Giving the right kind of food and the proper amount of nutrients with the correct feeding schedule will ensure healthy dogs for you.

Tips on Giving Dog Food

If this is the first time for you to have a pet dog, you may be unsure about how you’ll feed it. The amount and type of dog food to give your pet is dependent on many factors, actually – breed, size, special health condition, etc. But here are some general tips to give you an idea on how to properly feed your pet from puppy to adult stages. Make sure, though, that you also consult your pet’s veterinarian if you have concerns or questions about feeding.

How To Find A Natural Supplement for a Dog

Finding a natural supplement for your dog is not difficult but first you must decide what you want the supplement to accomplish. Will the supplement be used for overall health and immunity, inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, urinary tract infections, injuries, or a combination of factors?

Tips for Breeding Dogs

Deciding to breed dogs also comes with a lot of responsibility for the breeder. It is essential that the person has some knowledge and is ready to commit to the whole process. Sometimes there are some frustrations, but at the end it can be a source of great joy when everything has come to fruition. Here are some tips which might be of assistance to anyone embarking on this journey.

Waterproof Dog Beds – The Dog Lover’s Choice

Aside from being man’s best friend, dogs give us great joy and happiness. For pet lovers it is very important to make their dogs as comfortable as possible.

The Mini Dog Breeding Manual

Every individual who wants to breed a dog for the first time might find the idea exciting and overwhelming. Especially if they do not have the slightest inclination of where to start. In this article a shortened beginners manual will be covered on the subject.

How to Breed Dogs – Learn More About It

When we look at the canine family, there are a number of different thoroughbreds. There are a few facets which require special attention when engaging in this type of breeding. These are dogs which come from known blood lines and you are required to meet many requirements when working with them.

Dog Breeding Tips – Learn More About It

People have many reasons for breeding dogs. Some people do it as a source of income. Commercial dog breeding is big business and is strictly controlled by various organizations in different countries. The are a few important tips might assist you in becoming successful in breeding dogs as a source of income.

Breeding a Dog Is a Big Decision

Many people would like to breed their dogs, and for various reasons. Some want to breed to have some puppies in the home. There are others who want to breed as an additional source of income. No matter the reason, this decision cannot to be taken lightly. Breeding a dog is a big decision and will take a lot of time and energy.

The Best Way To Train Your Dog To Deter Burglars By Barking

You can find plenty of advice on the web with regards to training your dog to stop barking; on the other hand, what if you wish to train him to actually deter burglars by barking? I’m certain you would want your pet to alert you in the event that somebody is looking for ways to get inside your home, as well as when a would-be burglar is prowling about outside the house and by means of some intensive teaching you’re able to do just that.

How to Make Your Dog Bling

Today you can find bling just about everywhere. From Hollywood celebrities and Hip Hop stars to athletes and models the need for shining and shimmering jewelry has never been more popular. And it was only a matter of time before the bling thing found its way onto pets. Now you can find an entire collection of fancy and luxurious dog collars that feature Swarovski glass crystals and sparkling rhinestones to create a stunning dog collar that is perfect for special occasions, holidays and photo opportunities. Whether you need to dress up your pup for a gala event or just want to make a statement on your next walk, choose a dog collar with bling to make your buddy stand out.

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