What To Do If Your Pet Stops Eating Raw


What Are Therapy Dogs?

If you’re a dog owner, then you’re already aware of the incredible benefits a loyal and loving pet can bring to your life. But did you know it’s possible to have a ‘therapy dog’, which is specifically provided to help you recover from injury, illness, and mental health struggles? In this guide, we’re going to talk about therapy dogs and why they are so beneficial – so let’s begin.

Can An Aggressive Dog Be Rehabilitated?

Simply put the answer is YES, usually, most of the time, but not always. Is that answer confusing, if so keep reading? The odds of the success you can have with rehabilitating a dog is good enough that you certainly need to give your dog a chance.

What You Need to Know About Comfort Dogs

There are several reasons why you should avoid petting or distracting a therapy dog. Professional organizations and certified trainers train many of these service dogs, but that is not always the case. However; with this new trend it is common for owners or untrained individuals to do informal training with the dogs, and this can lead to some obedience or behavioral problems.

Why Have Anti Slip Floors for Puppies and Dogs?

To prevent mishaps and injuries, pet owners should take steps to create a safe living environment in their home for the new puppy or older dog. Watching your pet sliding all over the place might be funny but apart from the immediate trauma of an impact with a chair or doorway this kind of activity could also lead to long term joint problems like osteoporosis or arthritis just like in humans.

Keeping Your Pet Dog Healthy

Dog owners treat their pet dogs as best friends, companions, best buddies and partners in crime. That is why dogs can keep their loyalty to their pet owners who feed and treat them well. They are the most common pet because of their similarities to human.

Discover the Essential “Know-How” on Feeding Your Puppy

There is a huge difference between feeding a puppy and feeding a dog. Get details on the nutritional needs for your puppy in this article.

A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Train Your Puppy

No matter how hard it is to be a strict owner to your pet, it is absolutely necessary. Training is an important part of your puppy’s growth and development. Everyone likes a well-behaved puppy and we recommend training your puppy as early as possible.

Maintaining Your Puppy

When it comes to the upkeep of your puppy, there are three basic ways to keep your puppy healthy. In this article we will address the topic of vaccinations, hygiene and treatments.

Your Guide To Dog Rescue

Sadly, not all dogs receive love in return for the love they are capable of giving. Unfortunately, animal shelters are overcrowded with lots and lots of unwanted dogs. Petting a dog can be a very joyful experience.

Fake Service Dogs Are On The Rise

In an effort to take their dogs with them everywhere, able-bodied pet owners are pretending their dogs are certified service dogs. Unfortunately, the rise of fake service/assistance dogs is causing harassment for true dogs of service and their disabled companions. Learn the three requirements you and your dog must meet per federal service dog laws.

Dog Steps Could Save Your Dog From Drowning

Most people think that all dogs can swim; the term “doggy paddle” had to come from somewhere, right? Unfortunately, each year approximately 40,000 pets die in drowning accidents. Learn how using dog steps in the pool provides a safe, easy escape for your dogs that like to swim.

The Benefits Of Using Dog Sling Carriers

Making use of dog carriers is important when going out. Luckily, there are dog carriers that are stylish which can cater to your needs efficiently.

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