Why Homemade Diets Are The Best For Your Pet


Tibetan Mastiff Dogs – Love of The Breed

Tibetan Mastiff dogs have gotten a bad reputation in some parts of the internet. You can find YouTube videos depicting them as vicious and dangerous. But these dogs are not the way they have been portrayed. I am an owner of several Tibetan Mastiff dogs and in this article I write about how I was introduced to, and ultimately fell in love with the breed. It is true that Tibetan Mastiff dogs are not the same as Golden Retrievers. They are strong willed and independent, with minds of their own. But they are also very loyal, gentle, and loving companions that can bring a lifetime of joy to their human families.

Designer Dog Clothing – Hot Doggie Couture

Gone are the days when dogs were treated as just pets as or as “security guards”. Nowadays pet owners treat their dogs like their own children and like to pamper them to the point of no return! Just like we like to dress up our human children, pet owners leave no stone unturned in their quest of dressing up their pooches.

How to Introduce Your Dog to a Doggy Door

A doggy door is a great boon to dog owners everywhere! Whether a do-it-yourself model or one of the many brand names to be found online, a doggy door is the answer to anyone whose dog can’t seem to make up his mind whether to stay in or to go.

Tips On Getting Started In Dog Agility Training

Getting your dog in top shape and keeping them there, is not only a great new hobby, but excellent for your health as well. When getting into the agility training, you’ll find that you make hundreds of new friends for both you and your dog, and you’ll each get a good workout while forming an excellent lifelong bond. There are a few tips that you need to know in order to get started, let’s take a look now.

Puppy Potty Training Methods

Puppy potty training is probably one of the most difficult aspects of dog ownership. If not properly trained, the dog is more capable of being disobedient or even aggressive to an extent. There are various methods that you can use to potty train a puppy. The following methods are the most common.

Good Dog Etiquette At Park, Beach And Camping

Being a dog owner comes with a certain amount of responsibility. Taking your dog out away from home requires a certain amount of dog etiquette, and each different place carries some different rules that should be followed in order to get along nicely with the other dogs and their owners. Let’s go over a few of the responsibilities of taking your dog to a dog park, camping, or the beach.

Five Important Obedience Commands All Dogs Should Know

Every well-mannered dog should know at least five basic but important dog obedience commands which are: Down, sit, come, heel, and stay. You need to teach your dog these commands 3 to 5 sessions a day with each session lasting 10 to 15 minutes. Short but frequent sessions are preferable to long and tedious ones if you want to maintain your dog’s interest. The following is a brief outline of the basic dog training commands. You may opt for verbal praise or use treats once the dog has performed the desired behavior.

Why Some Dog Trainers Are Not Successful With Their Business

Launching a dog training business can be tempting if you are passionate about dogs. However, becoming a successful dog trainer takes much more than passion and dedication. No matter how good of a trainer you are, these skills will not be enough to make you a successful business owner.

What Agility Training Can Do For You And Your Dog

Getting in shape is a lot harder for you when you are trying to do this on your own. However, what you may not realize is your dog can easily be your best partner at helping you get in shape. The reason you do not realize this is you often do not think of your dog as being able to help you get in shape. To avoid this mistake you should know what the agility training your dog can do is going to do for you and them both.

Using Descretion When Allowing Dogs To Play Rough

Dogs like to play rough sometimes, and while it can seem like they are really going to hurt one another, it usually turns out that they really are playing in a dog sort of way. This is a perfectly normal mode of dogs getting acquainted and learning to communicate with one another.

Tips For Curing Separation Anxiety In Dogs

You arrive home from work to a crazy, spinning, whirlwind of energy. Your dog follows you to your bedroom, where you find that she has chewed up your very expensive pair of shoes. Your next door neighbor comes to complain to you that your dog has once again been driving the neighborhood crazy by howling all day long. If this scenario is familiar, then your dog is probably suffering from separation anxiety.

The Emotional Benefits Of Owning A Dog

Many people strive to be as good of a person as their dog believes that they are. That said, dogs have worked over the last 15,000 years to become man’s best friend. In exchange for love and affection they also give loyalty. That is a lot more than some humans can say. There are many benefits of owning a dog. Here are a few that we’ve collected over the recent years.

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