Why I Changed My Mind On THESE Raw Feeding Ratios


Dog Arthritis Pain Relief: Home Remedy Options

A disease characterized by inflammation of the joints, dog arthritis causes stiffness and limping. It usually affects older dogs, although it may start to develop when they are younger. It can cause intense pain, and if you are an owner of an arthritic dog, it would be nothing but natural that you do something to ease the pain.

How You Can Find A Home Remedy For Your Dog That’s Itching Constantly

Do you have a dog with itchy skin? Do you hate to see how uncomfortable and miserable he is? My wife and I were! We were literally pulling our hair out because nothing we did ever helped stop our dog’s itching. Visit after expensive visit to the vet produced nothing but more medication that caused even worse symptoms in our boy. We finally threw up our hands in utter frustration and committed ourselves to doing our own research. It wasn’t long before we came across Dog Food Secrets which, not only revealed the real reason why our loving dog had itchy skin but also how we could successfully treat him without any further cost from our vet!

Be My Memory – Alzheimer’s Assistance Dogs

Dogs are trained to assist in a variety of fields for the physically and mentally disabled, however, Alzheimer’s assistance dogs are rare. Alzheimer’s disease is frightening but with the assistance of a great companion, sufferers are living independently for longer periods of time.

Professional Dog Training Tips

Dog training is recommended regardless of your lifestyle or the breed of your dog. In order to train your Dog properly you must take stet-by-step actions. Go for a professional dog trainer that actually knows how to handle a dog.

How to Execute Dog Clicker Training

In order to get the most benefit out a having a pet dog at home, dog owners must provide a complete line of care, provision, and training for the dog. One of the most effective training method is the dog clicker training, a method that does away with the voice’ emotional tone and instead rely on the sound of a toy-like plastic device called clicker.

Tips on Adding Doggie Treats to Your Dog’s Diet

Doggie treats can be a good way to add variety and excitement to your dog’s diet, although you have to make sure they do not pose a threat to his health. There is a wide range of treats that you can give him, from chicken jerky treats to apple slices. And, as a dog parent, it is your responsibility that they are safe and healthy for your pet.

Is Dog Food The Real Reason Behind Why Your Dog Has An Upset Stomach?

What gives your dog an upset stomach? The answer may be simpler than you realize. The commercial, store bought dog food that you find in big box pet stores is largely the culprit. If your dog has an upset stomach, then you know just how miserable your pooch can be and you’ll do anything to help him get better. Your best friend is certainly worth it. As a dog owner, knowing what the actual ingredients are that goes into your dog’s every meal is crucial in treating your dog’s tummy troubles. But what you need to do next may surprise you!

Bringing Home My New Puppy – Steps To Take

Bringing home a puppy brings joy to millions of dog lovers. They are cute little fuzzy balls of happiness. Remember though, he is scared and excited. (I am going to call the puppy male for simplicity sake.) He was taken away from his family. The first couple of nights, he is going to cry because he is lonely. He is away from his mother for the first time and in an environment he never knew about until a few hours earlier when you picked him up. Show your new pampered puppy a lot of affection and love. Let him know he is safe. Your puppy will build a bond with you for many years of joy and happiness if you follow certain steps.

Oh, God: My Dog Is Not Eating!

Humans are used to compare good appetite with good health. Even when a very young baby is looked at, the typical expressions when pinching their cheeks, if these are big and round, are about that they think this is a really healthy baby. Although this is not necessarily the truth, the association has always existed.

5 Things To Avoid When Adopting A Dog

Adopting a dog from a shelter or a breed rescue is an excellent way to get a dog and in the process you’re saving a life. However there are a few things that you should avoid when adopting that new dog for your family. This article is going to touch base on some of the things that you should avoid and watch out for.

5 Ways To Socialize Your Dog

Socializing your dog is very important and you must keep in mind that the period of socialization is from birth to 20 weeks old. During this period you must expose dog to lots of new places, new people, little kids and other dogs so that you have a well socialized dog that you can enjoy for the rest of its life.

5 Causes Of Aggression In Your Dog

As a dog trainer one thing that I’m seeing more and more of is aggression in dogs. There are many different reasons why a dog might be aggressive and as a canine behavior specialist and trainer it’s my job to figure out what that reason may be so that we can work at correcting it.

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