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Why A Beagle Can Be The Best Family Pet

Beagles are some of the most loving breeds in the world, so they are some of the best family pets. The question is: Can they be the best for your family?

Dog Behavior And Understanding Aggressiveness In Your Pooch

You may have tried before to train your pooch all to no avail. No matter what you do, your best friend seems to have its own way of doing things and you cannot change it. A lot of people feel that way and unfortunately they end up giving up on their four legged friends. Giving up when it comes to dog behavior can be very detrimental to your lifestyle and that of your dogs’ as well. It is not that they cannot learn new dog behavior, but rather that you have not tried the right method. The good news is that with some patience you can get your friend to behave the way you want it to.

Standard Poodles Are Great Dogs – What More Could You Want?

Standard Poodles are great dogs. We own a lovely standard black bitch called Bobbie.

Bear Dogs

Actually everybody knows that dogs come from wolves and that wolves are very wild and very un-tamed. And of course like the bear, wolves cannot be trusted to do anything in a peaceful manner. Both of them however are very good at surviving, because their survival skills are excellent.

Choosing a Puppy – Matching Puppy to Personality

Choosing a puppy is a huge decision and matching it to the personality of the primary owner is critical. This article shares how I have chosen the right new family member for us, what I have looked for while selecting a puppy, and signs of characteristics that could be potential problems.

7 Common Pug Problems For Close Observation

Pug is a type of dog which originated from China, is square and cobby with stunt bodies and developed muscle structure. Have short muzzle and a wide chest. They posses short strong legs and make them a friendly pet.

4 Steps to Getting Your Dog to Come When Called

Going through basic obedience training with your dog is perhaps one of the most important things you can do to establish leadership and keep your dog safe from harm – and nowhere is this truer than teaching your dog how to come when called. This command is often known as the “recall” and is the act of getting your dog to come back to you from wherever they might be at the time.

Teaching Your Dog to Lay Down in 5 Steps

Basic dog obedience training is quite important for the safety of your beloved pet, but it is also very important for establishing leadership and your place as the dominant member of your pack. Teaching your dog to lay down is one of the major steps to beginning to establish such leadership. This is a relatively basic obedience command and is the second one your dog should learn after being trained how to sit, but it also may take a little while for your dog to become comfortable with it.

Simple Ideas for Crate Training Your Dog

A dog crate is used for many different purposes – a lot of the time they are chosen as a means of transporting a dog, for use as a bed at home or even for house training a young puppy. Many people are opposed to the use of crates, though dogs don’t see them in quite the same way. When used correctly, a dog crate should offer a comfortable place of refuge that makes your dog feel secure and at home.

Training Your Dog to Stay in 6 Steps

Basic obedience training is among the most important things you can do for your dog – it teaches them how to follow your leadership and also works wonders for ensuring their ongoing safety. One of the last commands you’ll teach your dog at this basic training stage of their life is getting them to stay in one spot.

Why Do Dogs Bark and How Do You Stop It

All dogs bark – and it’s probably the most annoying problem experienced by dog owners. Not only can it drive an owner absolutely crazy, but it can often be extremely annoying to your neighbors – or even the whole neighborhood! Barking in itself is not a problem – it is very natural and there are many reasons why a dog will do it.

How To Teach Your Dog to Sit in 5 Easy Steps

Want to know how you can teach your dog to sit? Here is a guide that will help you do just that.

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