Worst Puppy Training Mistake!


Is An Electric Dog Fence Humane?

As the owner of an electric dog fence company (also called a hidden dog fence, or an electric fence) I am often faced with the question of, “Is your hidden fence a humane tool for keeping my dog in the yard.” This is a good and valuable question. Any good dog owner is going to be concerned about the safety and humane aspects of their dog’s training and containment.

Choosing Dry or Canned Dog Food

Having pet dogs has become popular in the recent years for various reasons. But regardless of the reason that you now happen to have a pet dog in your home, you have to make sure that you take care of them properly. Most importantly, you need to give them the right nutrition. Recommended brands of dog food like Holistic Select, Hill’s Science Diet, and others have different formulas for the different requirements of dogs.

Is Your Dog Jerking You Around?

In a previous post,”Dog Walking- Why Does My Dog Pull Me?”, I discussed why your dog pulls you on your walks.  I would like to take the opportunity to expound on that topic.

Dog Food for Various Needs

Different dogs require different nutrition. Adult dogs have a totally different set of nutrients that they need compared to puppies. Generally, the amount of food that you pet needs to take in is estimated by its size and activity level. Overfeeding will leave you with a sickly dog. Same fate awaits an underfed dog. Pet nutrition brands like Royal Canin, Eukanuba and others have special formulations of food for adult dogs of various breeds and health conditions.

Healthy Dog Treats for Your Canine Friend

Nowadays, almost everyone is health conscious and this should also apply to pets. This can be done by making sure you have healthy dog treats/snacks at hand, so that your canine friend eats healthily and stays healthy.

Lost and Found: Finding Dog Training Advice

Dog training advice is a tricky subject. It all depends on what aspects of your dog’s behavior you’d like to address. Certain basic commands should work with all dogs. Finding the appropriate way to behave with your dog is the key to working effectively. If you’ve ever struggled with using dog training tips or controlling the way your dog behaves then here are some points to consider.

Dog Fleas Do Matter

Fleas may seem unimportant, but they can cause big problems for your dog. This article discusses what effects fleas can have on your dog – beyond the infernal itching they cause. It suggests two simple things you can do to diagnose fleas on your dog and reveals what you can do to protect your dog from these noxious pests.

Everything You Need To Know About Dog Leashes

For dog owners who love to bring their pets with them in public spots or places that they, it is essential to always keep their “companions” restrained by using specifically designed ropes in order to prevent accidents or other unwanted events to occur. These especially designed ropes, which are fastened to the neck or head of animals, such as dogs, for confinement or control, are called leashes. Leashes are sometimes clipped or tied on the animal to a collar, strap or harness.

The Trick to Getting Any Dog to Wear Shoes!

Dog boots and shoes provide protection from harsh environments such as hot asphalt, salted sidewalks, broken glass and other debris and they are fun for your dog to wear! With all the shoes for dogs to choose from, what should you look for? And, once you find the perfect set, how do you get your dog to wear them?

Dog Behaviors, Stop Jumping

THIS IS MY SPACE! CURE YOUR DOG OF JUMPING – We should first examine the dog psychology behind this annoying puppy and grown dog behavior. When dogs greet each other, they get ‘nose to nose’, sometimes exchange a lick on the face, ears, or neck, then proceed to sniff each others privates.

Dog Behavior, Embarrassing Humping

OH NO! My Dog Just Humped My Boss’ Leg – You are hosting a professional dinner for your office. Your boss, clients, and co-workers are in attendance.

Tips For Purchasing A Puppy From A Reputable Breeder

Before you purchase a new puppy, insure that you have done your homework. Not only do you need to find a healthy and guaranteed puppy you need to know how to find a reputable breeder.

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